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Pre-ETS offers an opportunity for job seekers to get training from the early age of 14. Equally, or perhaps, more important it allows them to build relationships with people on their ‘crew’ that can support them in post-secondary success, whether that be through a vocational or educational track.

Are you a CRP or advocacy group interested in offering these Pre-Employment Transition Services to your job seekers but don’t know how to get started?

Do you lead a parent or self-advocacy group that would like to know more about the benefits of WIOA and how you could implement change and improved vocational and independent living outcomes within your own organization? Annette can help!

Transition from high school to adulthood is complicated for all students. It usually takes a great deal of planning, determination and support in order for a person to achieve their goals. For a person with a disability, these planning efforts may need to start earlier and allow for more coordination to offer the best long-term results.

Why Annette?

Her personal, professional and educational experiences give her a unique perspective unmatched by competitors in the field.

She is a business owner who has worked in the non and for-profit fields, has employed hundreds of people and has a masters degree in business administration and marketing. Annette has been formally trained to identify problems and offer solutions. She understands business strategies, the importance of consistency in services, as well as what employers are looking for in an employee.

She is a parent of a child with developmental disabilities. Jett started her journey long ago to uncover the way systems work (and don’t work) within her state and local community for the maximum benefit of her child, with an ulterior motive to help other families along the way.

She is a graduate of the Kentucky UCEDD, the Human Development Institute, There, Annette was exposed to numerous learning opportunities, field leaders, and topics that  contribute to barriers to access in our community in the areas of education, employment and independent living.  She continues her educational journey to this day. Notably, she attended the Supported Employment Leadership Series in KY, including intense trainings in Social Role Valorization, Systematic Instruction, Discovery and Job Development. (Recently, she earned her Certificate in Discovery from Marc Gold & Associates and is working toward the same in Job Development).

She worked as Parent Liaison for Special Education in the second largest public school district in Kentucky.  Here she worked closely with parents of students with disabilities and the schools to solve the similar issues that students and families face during their educational experience, especially as it relates to transition from high school to adulthood. She later co-taught parent advocates how to navigate the systems and learn more about Special Education law, regulations, rights and how to negotiate these in a non-controversial manner. She is called on often to accompany parents to IEP meetings and maintains relationships school transition specialists.

She is Executive Director of a Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) in KY. Jett has first hand experience in realizing the enhancement that Pre-ETS can offer to the Discovery process with the ultimate goal of providing meaningful, competitive and integrated employment opportunities that match the job seekers skills, strengths and interests. In addition, by providing direct service and training others to do the same, Annette knows UDL strategies and how to work with people with varying capacities including those with the most significant impact of disability.

She is a local, state and national disability advocate, With an informed understanding of public policy issues and the systemic changes that need to happen to improve post-secondary outcomes, access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities, Jett is not afraid to speak out for equality and full inclusion. Though based in Kentucky, many of those issues are consistent throughout our nation.

If your organization needs help navigating these systems to provide better services for your clients, contact Annette. You may qualify for a 30-minute complimentary Q&A session with her.

“As I began studying and working with individuals with disabilities, I realized the biggest gaps were happening at the transition age, when students were graduating for high schools. So I took a job as the Parent Liaison for Special Education to find out first hand what was and wasn’t working.

Lack of knowledge about resources, miscommunication between schools, agency representatives, students, parents and providers as well as a lack of state funding and depressed economic areas were all contributing factors in my state. I would venture to guess it is like that in many places. My goal became to be part of the solution and I started by educating parents, encouraging non-controversial communications with local educational agencies, collaborating with other providers and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Office for the Blind, as well as other allies to self-advocacy like the Human Development Institute and Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities, advocating for systemic change.

If we don’t get students into a good transition plan and connect them with a provider that can offer quality, long-term supports at the transition age, there is a greater chance that they will never reach the vocational goals they have. I know that I want my daughter to have access to the same opportunities as others – a job  she loves, friends, independence, inclusion, housing, transportation, relationships… the list goes on. I also want that for other individuals with disabilities.

Sharing what I’ve learned with others is why I really never said ‘no’ to an opportunity to learn more.”

– Annette Jett, MBA

“About 8 years ago, I realized I didn’t have the skills or knowledge I needed to assist my daughter to the best of my ability through the early years. I had two choices – learn what I needed to, or depend on someone else for the information. I knew it would be an investment of time and energy and take our family on a different path, but it was worth it. When I first entered the Graduate Certificate program at our state’s University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky, I felt sorely misplaced as a non-traditional student with a Masters in Business Administration. I was surrounded by other dedicated students in the Health and Human Resource, Rehabilitation and Education fields. My daughter was 6 at the time- I wasn’t thinking about transition into adulthood; we were just starting elementary school. However, I soon learned the barriers that surround entrance into the workplace for people with disabilities and learned that my previous educational and professional experiences in the workplace could be helpful to her and to others.”

– Annette Jett, MBA

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We believe that the key to success in delivering Pre-ETS is understanding not only ‘WHAT’ needs to be taught, but ‘WHY’ we are teaching it, and “HOW” to reach students regardless of their capacities or learning styles. Take Flight – Launchpad to Success™ is engaging and interactive, making learning fun for all students.

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