Conference Presentations


Presentations & Speaking

Annette is an experienced Keynote Speaker, and has had the opportunity to delivery presentations to groups of 400+.

Topics include:

  • Think Like a Boss – How to not only open the door to a business for job development, but how to have them hold the door for you!
  • The Price of Inclusion -How to overcome barriers and create partnerships by proving this price is always less than the cost of segregation.
  • Launchpad to Success – Using Pre-Employment Transition Services to enhance discovery for better vocational and outcomes.
  • Self-Advocacy is a SKILL – Unveiling four main aspects to becoming a better self-advocate.
  • Education and Transition – Planning and advocating for post-secondary success.
  • Natural Supports and Inclusive Environments – What they are, why they are needed and how to create them.

Who We’ve Worked With

Annette has delivered keynote or breakout sessions in the following conferences:

  • National APSE
  • National TASH
  • Kentucky Rehabilitation Association
  • KY IPS Conference
  • 874K Coalition
  • AUCD (poster presentation)
  • Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky
  • ARC of Kentucky

In addition, coordinates and delivers transition fairs to students with a variety of topics related to the five required activities of Pre-ETS, including Self-Advocacy, Workplace Readiness, Job Exploration, Work-Based Learning Experiences and College Counseling.

Annette has worked with 8 of the 9 Kentucky Special Educational Cooperatives, Upward Bound, and multiple schools and advocacy groups within KY.

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Our Services

We believe that the key to success in delivering Pre-ETS is understanding not only ‘WHAT’ needs to be taught, but ‘WHY’ we are teaching it, and “HOW” to reach students regardless of their capacities or learning styles. Take Flight – Launchpad to Success™ is engaging and interactive, making learning fun for all students.

Transition Consulting Services

For CRP’s, Advocacy Groups, Educators, Employers & Families

Conference Presentations

Effective delivery of keynote & breakout sessions.

Pre-ETS Training and Web-Based Curriculum

Multi-level options including on-site or on-line instruction.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

To enhance organizational effectiveness & streamline processes.


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